The XC2 AES67 RAVENNA interface (52-7067A) is a Series 52 module that can be placed on the internal extension slot of XC2/XS2 Cores and on the internal extension slot of XC2 Concentrators. With this module, you can send and receive up to 32 AES67 compliant Audio over IP (AoIP) streams, with a maximum of 128 mono channels for TX and 128 mono channels for RX side.

It offers a powerful HTML5 based web interface to quickly configure TX streams and connect to RX streams and send the audio to the DHD core device. The web interface offers a simple configuration mode for fast and easy setup via Toolbox8 using DHD default parameter sets. Also, an advanced configuration mode is offered, where network parameters on RX and TX side as well as synchronization (PTPv2) parameters can be set to SMPTE based DHD defaults or user defined values.

With full Ember+ integration, configuration and monitoring of the AES67 RAVENNA interface are also possible via Ember+ compliant software.

AES67 interfaces (52-7067A) support up to 5 Ember+ connections.

This enables the XC2 AES67 RAVENNA interface to interoperate with AES67 compatible formats, for example, RAVENNA, Livewire+ AES67 and DANTE (AES67 mode).

The link between Toolbox and the AES67 RAVENNA interface allows the quick setup of RX and TX stereo streams for connecting DHD devices without even using the web interface.

The XC2 AES67 RAVENNA interface offers sample rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. A sample rate converter (SRC) for RX and TX side is included and can be enabled to use the DSP core asynchronous to the IP network.

The XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface module

Basic AES67 network structure

AES67 networks consist of three parts required for operation:

  • IP Network infrastructure, consisting of at least CAT5 cabling and gigabit Ethernet switches
  • PTPv2 master clock device
  • AES67 devices

The following illustration shows the interaction of these parts. An XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface can also be an AES67 device and the PTPv2 master clock device

Fundamental AES67 network structure

AES67 RAVENNA Interface basic architecture

The AES67 RAVENNA Interface is a device that enables communication between a Series 52 Core device and other AES67 or RAVENNA compliant AoIP devices via IP Networks. The device must be added via Toolbox configuration software. Also, the audio sources and sinks on the TDM side of the Series 52 Core device must be defined via Toolbox software. In addition, default stream subscriptions and labelling can be done via Toolbox software. The interface can also serve as a sync source for Series 52 XS2/XC2 Core devices. See Configuration via Toolbox for more information.

To control the interface system, edit more advanced parameters and sync settings, the system is controlled via a Web Interface. In the Web Interface, streams can be added, edited and monitored. Sync settings of the module can also be done here.

Firmware updates, kernel updates, licensing and network setup is done via DHD Maintenance Window. Logging is realized via an internal PTP log for synchronization errors such as a more advanced logging functionality via DHD Communication Server. See Installation and Maintenance of the Interface for more information.

The AES67 RAVENNA Interface consists of the following ports:

External connection:

  • Primary Ethernet port: Communication with IP network. Required for transmitting and receiving network audio, PTPv2 and NTP synchronization within the network, reaching the web interface, maintenance and logging.
  • Secondary Ethernet port: Redundancy or stream extension. Requires 52-8541 Extended Feature Upgrade 52-7067 license.

Core-internal connection:

  • APC port: control data, audio, sync and power; connection to the Series 52 Core device.
Ports of the XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface