Reset Behaviour

This document shows the different options on resetting and restarting your DHD system and what will happen. Also, the recommended order of executing these actions is described below.

This document is only informative and serves as orientation on troubleshooting DHD systems. When in doubt, contact your DHD distributor or DHD support.

ActionDeviceOS RestartsFirmware RestartsSnapshot 0 appliedParameter Memory clearedConnected APC devices power cycledDSP reloaded
Firmware ResetCore no yes yes no no yes
System RebootCore yes yes no no no yes
Hardware Reset ButtonCore yes yes no no yes(1) yes
Concentrator no no no no yes(1) no
Power Cycle (min. 15 sec)Core yes yes no no yes(1) yes
Concentrator no no no no yes(1) no
Clear Parameter MemoryCore no no no yes(2) no no
Send Toolbox ConfigCore no no no no no yes(3)
Firmware UpdateCore yes yes yes no yes(4) yes

(1): Only applies for the APC ports of the specific Core or Concentrator.
(2): This action immediately puts all parameters to their default settings as defined in Toolbox configuration (e.g. fader channel settings etc.)
(3): With the Hot Configuration feature available since Toolbox and Firmware version 9.1, the DSP is only reloaded if the DSP fitting has changed. Toolbox will notify you when the DSP needs to be reloaded.
(4): Depends on internal version changes.

Clearing the parameter memory and sending the Toolbox config are not listed as separate steps, as these actions will already be done by the steps described below.

During troubleshooting it is useless to re-install the same firmware version again via Firmware Update.
The recommended and quicker alternative is a Firmware Reset.

Please thoroughly check your device configuration for configured “problems” prior hardware troubleshooting.

After executing each of this steps, check if the DHD device operates normal again. If not, execute the next step of the list. The information of which action fixed the issue is also important for DHD support.

  1. Firmware Reset: Internal firmware will be restarted and snapshot 0 applied.
  2. System Reboot: Operating system will be restarted. Does not affect parameter memory as this is already done by step 1.
  3. Hardware Reset Button: In order to restart the complete system, especially the modules connected via APC.
  4. Power Cycle: In order to completely power off all components.