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 ===== Firmware Update ===== ===== Firmware Update =====
 +==== Update Firmware 9.0 to Firmware 9.1 ====
 +<WRAP center round alert 80%>
 +**Warning**\\ ​ Before updating, make sure to check if your hardware is still supported in version 9.1.x. See [[tb9:​upgrade_9_1|Toolbox9.1 upgrade instructions]].
 +Follow these steps for a firmware update:
 +  - Download the current, related versions 9.1 of Toolbox9 and firmware (*.fw9) from [[update:​start|the update section of support.dhd.audio (Login required)]]
 +  - Replace your old Toolbox9.exe by the new version.
 +  - Start Toolbox9, make sure you are connected to the system, which will be updated.
 +  - Toolbox9 v9.1 will automatically install version DHDCS v3.0.\\ \\ <WRAP center round info 80%>​**Note**\\ ​ From version 9.1 the DHDCS v3.0 replaces Toolbox'​s Maintenance Window and includes all required tools for system maintenace and firmware updates.\\ ​ </​WRAP>​
 +  - Open your configuration file from your hard disk and save it **under a new name**. That way you have a backup of the old configuration file.
 +  - Perform any changes on your configuration regarding hardware changes as at [[tb9:​upgrade_9_1#​upgrade_instructions|Version 9.1 release notes and upgrade instructions]] and also check the [[tb9:​project_information#​information|Project Information Section]] for potential issues. You will not be able to send your configuration to the device if hardware configuration does not match the requirements.
 +  - Save a ''​System Status''​ with [[DHDCS:​v3:​start|DHDCS]] > [[DHDCS:​v3:​Device|Device]] > [[DHDCS:​v3:​Device#​SystemStatus|System Status]] > Save to file, in order to have a backup of the current Mixer and Channel Snapshots.
 +  - Start the update process with [[DHDCS:​v3:​start|DHDCS]] > [[DHDCS:​v3:​Update|Update]] > Update Firmware. In the opening dialogue, select the update file you have downloaded.
 +  - After updating the system successfully,​ DHDCS proposes to restart the system or not. Without an immediate restart, the system will run with the old firmware until the next restart is done.
 +  - Send your v9.1 configuration file to the device
 +//During an update process, we recommend not to press any button on the console.//
 ==== Update within Firmware 9.0 ==== ==== Update within Firmware 9.0 ====