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 {{::​title1.jpg?​nolink|DHD Support Portal}}*/ {{::​title1.jpg?​nolink|DHD Support Portal}}*/
-<​html><​div class="​startheader">​Welcome to DHD audio Support</​div></​html>​ +<​html><​div class="​startheader">​Welcome to DHD audio Support<​p>​support.dhd.audio is the home of documentation and information about DHD audio products.</​p>​</​div></​html>​ 
-\\ +
 \\  \\ 
 /*=== Documentation and information about our products ===*/ /*=== Documentation and information about our products ===*/
 {searchform} {searchform}
  /​*----  /​*----
 <WRAP center #​iconosquare round box 90%> <WRAP center #​iconosquare round box 90%>