Options Menu

With the settings in the Options menu, only options are set that affect the operation of the TB8 software. They have no effect on the configuration of the devices.

After selecting Configuration, the Toolbox Configuration window opens. The options are explained in detail in the following table.

You can select this option also by clicking config-icon.jpg in the toolbar.


Project Files SaveBackup Levels • Define here, how many backup generations shall be created. (min.=0, max.=100)
Auto Save each • If this check box is selected, the software creates backups of the project file automatically.
• The number of backup files can be set in the Backup Levels box. If the last file is written, the first is overwritten when saving the next time. This way, it is lost!
• The desired interval between two backups can be entered in the Auto Save each (min.=0 minutes, max.=100 minutes) box.
• The created backup files have the number of the backup in their extensions, for example .dd1. The higher this number is, the newer is this file. If you want to use such a file in the TB8 software again, previously you have to change its extension to .ddp again.
Path for backup filesDecide, where TB8 stores project backups
File MenuShow recently used files list • If this check box is selected, only the defined number of recently opened projects is offered as a quick start option in the File menu.
• The desired number of entries can be defined in the Show recently used files list box. (min.=0 entries, max.=20 entries)


NavigatorView follows selected object automatically • By selecting this check box, the content of the navigator automatically adapts to the options and functions that are currently edited.
Reset ViewsDelete all custom view settings. Use this function when expiriencing graphical malfunctions with TB8 Software. Restart of TB8 software required

Audio and Logic Sources-Tab

Audio and Logic TreeHide sources without label • This option influences the Audio sources window. If it is enabled, audio sources with deleted labels in the I/O Overview, are deactivated. (See also I/O Overview)
AssignmentAutomatically select next item • Select this check box to work quicker when defining the output routing: In this case, the Toolbox5 software selects the following output automatically when assigning audio signals to the outputs - in the output list as well as in the list of audio signals in the Audio Sources window. (See also I/O Overview)

Product Filter-Tab

If you can not find the product you need in the TB8 Software, you may need to set your Product filters. This happens if a product is classfied in one of the three categories:

  • preferred product: regular production, mostly sufficient stock
  • product with potential delivery times: production start requires prior order, delivery times depend on module type and vary from a few days to several weeks
  • ask for quotation: production and prices on enquiry, a minimum order quantity might apply depending on module type, production start requires prior order, delivery times depend on module type and vary from a few days to several weeks, no return possible, documentation might be incomplete or unavailable, module might be not available in the Toolbox configuration software, a prior current quotation is always required
  • product discontinued: no restaging possible, please find reference for potential alternatives with your DHD dealer or DHD directly