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 ^Type^Module Name^Resolution^Ratio^ ^Type^Module Name^Resolution^Ratio^
 |52-4018A|TFT/​Touch Display, 7" IPS|800x480|5:​3| |52-4018A|TFT/​Touch Display, 7" IPS|800x480|5:​3|
-|52-4010A|10.1"​ Multitouch IPS TFT Display|1280x800|16:​10| +|52-4010A/52-4012A|10.1" Multitouch IPS TFT Display|1280x800|16:​10| 
-|52-4510A|10.1" TFT Display for housing|1280x800|16:​10|+|52-4510|10.1" TFT Display for housing|1280x800|16:​10|
 |52-1156A/​B/​C|TX 10.1" Multitouch Mixer|1280x800|16:​10| ​ |52-1156A/​B/​C|TX 10.1" Multitouch Mixer|1280x800|16:​10| ​
 /* |52-4017|TFT/​Touch Display, 7"​|800x480|5:​3| /* |52-4017|TFT/​Touch Display, 7"​|800x480|5:​3|