52/MX Controller Cabling

The analog audio connectors of the 52-4060 controllers are designed for internal use only:

  • the output level is not compatible, less than standard line output levels of +4dBu or +6dBu
  • the output has no short circuit protection, therefore a external use is not allowed
  • THD+N of digital to analog converter is equivalent to the THD+N of 52-4527B and 52-4424B PFL / Talk back amplifier circuits & speaker, for headphone or monitoring use the THD+N would be too large
  • the lower corner frequency response is limited to around 100 Hz, this is not useful for use with headphones or for monitoring
  • internal 48V is on the same connector, misuse may damage the external device or the 52-4060 controller
  • only 52-4527 and 52-4424 devices allowed to connect to the 52-4060 controller

→ use 52-7235A or 52-7224A or 52-1335A (or 52-7230A or 52-7222A or 52-7223A or 52-1330A/B) for connection of external analog equipment

Port numbering on 52-4510A PCB