Pin Assignment

52/XC2, 52/XD2, 52/XS2 cores

52/XC, 52/XD, 52/XS cores

GPIO and ACI on D-sub at I/O Modules

GPIO on D-sub at SX2 and RX2 Central modules

D-sub at 52-7292 Headphone Potentiometer Box

D-sub at 52-6509A GPIO push button module

D-sub breakout at 52-7481B

The 52-7481B Central Power Rack 1U is equipped with 4 D-sub connectors which carry status signals for each 52-7482A power supply unit. These D-sub connectors can be connected directly (1:1) to 52-6509A GPIO modules. Usually these will be built into a Q-Panel.

52-7481B pin assignment and documentation

The outputs for headphones (HP) at 52-1830, 52-7230A and 52-7235A are a combined connector to use either XLR or 6.3mm jack connectors for headphones or headsets. Here is the corresponding pin assignment:

XLR / Jack hybrid with pin numbering
1/4“ stereo jack Type XLR Pin
Tip HP Left 2
Ring HP Right 3