TFT-LCD Display Information

Our products use TFT-LCDs (Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display) made by world leading display manufacturers. These are carefully tested and integrated in our devices.

LC Displays in general can show technology related image retention effects due to the LCD manufacturing process itself or environmental circumstances like electro statics in combination with the used display content.

Image retention on its own is reversible and doesn’t damage the display - in contrast to image burn-in effects which are commonly known to occur on cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors or plasma displays.

When image retention occurs retained content should start to fade out on its own after a while of display relaxation (e.g. power off, empty view). Such effect is also limited to the display itself, so the general functionality of the mixing desk will not be affected.

It is known that using high contrasts and full colors in static views favour this effect. To avoid any imagine retention we recommend to follow these steps:

  • avoid elements which use 'full colors' (where one or more of the RGB base colors (red, green, blue) use the maximum of their brightness)
  • turn off the console when not in use. Since FW 9.2.7 our displays automatically use a screensaver when the console brightness is set to “off”.
  • use dark color schemes wherever possible