All DHD PC software products and all feature upgrades require a license code for the activation in the device.

Usually, the licenses will be already activated in the device if the software licenses or feature upgrade licenses are ordered together with hardware.

The licenses are always hardware related. To order new licenses, DHD always requires the serial number either of the device or the microSD card. All available software licenses and feature upgrade licenses are stored either on a microSD card or on an internal EEPROM memory.

The following table shows the storage place for each device type and the serial number type which is required to order a new license:

device licenses are stored on microSD card licenses are stored on internal memory serial number type for new licenses
52/XD, 52/XD2 (all revisions)
52-7450, 52-7456
X Serial Number Software (MicroSDCard)
52/XC (revisions A or B)
52-7400A, 52-7400B, 52-7402A, 52-7402B, 52-7403A, 52-7403B
X Serial Number Device
52/XC (revisions C or later), 52/XC2 (all revisions)
52-7400C, 52-7402C, 52-7403C, 52-7420, 52-7410
X Serial Number Software (MicroSDCard)
52/XS (revisions A or B)
52-1801A, 52-1801B, 52-1804A, 52-1804B
X Serial Number Device
52/XS (revisions C or later), 52/XS2 (all revisions)
52-1801C, 52-1804C, 52-1830, 52-1810
X Serial Number Software (MicroSDCard)
52-6063, 52-6066
X Serial Number Device
X Serial Number Device
RM420-852, RM420-853
X Serial Number Device

You can find the different types of serial numbers in the Maintenance Window.

Serial Number Software (MicroSDCard): it will be shown on the License Information page of the Maintenance Window.

Serial Number Device: it will be shown on the Firmware page of the Maintenance Window.

For more information about the microSD card, see MicroSD card.