Network Overview

The DSP Cores of the DHD Series 52 system provide an Ethernet port. This interface - an RJ45 socket - is located on the rear of the core. It is a standard twisted pair interface running on 100 Mbit/s. It complies to the standard 100Base-TX IEEE 802.3u (52/XC, 52/XD, 52/XS) and 1000BASE-T (52/XC2, 52/XD2, 52/XS2).

The Ethernet port is used for two tasks:

  • It allows the DHD device to communicate with one or more Windows PCs running DHD application software.
  • Several different DHD systems within the same network communicate to each other using Ethernet. If they cannot talk to each other over the network, control functions shared between different DSP systems will not work!

Application software communicating via Ethernet Port can be: DHDCS, DHDOM, DHDOS, Toolbox8, Toolbox5, Maintenance, PC-TFT View etc.

For the Ethernet communication to work properly, several requirements must be met. Please read the following instructions carefully to avoid problems. This is especially true for larger DHD installations and complex networks!

Please urgently note these network specifications before using the Ethernet interface of a DHD system.

If your DHD system should not be operated according to the network specifications, DHD cannot guarantee its correct functionality.