In general, the 52/SX is preconfigured with a default configuration and will work with default values.

To customise the configuration of your 52/SX mixing console, SXConfig software or current version of TB8 is required.

The SXConfig software is a Windows program that does not require any additional dynamic libraries (DLL files) or other files. For installation, simply copy the program file to the hard drive. To load the software, double-click on the SXConfig.exe. To remove the program, delete the SXConfig.exe.

When opening SXConfig, another software application is loaded automatically: DHD Communication Server (DHDCS). DHDCS filters TCP/IP and UDP packets from the network that are transferred to and from DHD devices and prepares them for several software applications. See DHDCS Manual for detailed information.

You can use SXConfig without any hardware connected, for example for changing or checking configurations offline. Normally, the configuration PC is connected with the corresponding DHD system using the TCP/IP protocol via Ethernet.

To configure your 52/SX device double-click on the SXConfig.exe. After customizing the default values, you have to load your configuration into the 52/SX device. Now the new configuration is available in the device and can be used.

In the following sections all configurable options are explained.