XS Core - DSP unit

The powerful 52/XS Core is an independent DSP system which does not require a PC for operation. There are no fans, hard discs or batteries inside the 52/XS Core and in the I/O boxes, allowing silent and low-maintenance operation directly in the studio.

High-performance 40-bit floating-point digital signal processing for:

  • 3-band fully parametric equalizers, subsonic filter, dynamics, limiter, delay for all 16 fader channels, mono or stereo
  • 16 summing busses (stereo), Aux busses, clean feeds and PFL
  • 6 clean feeds (mix-minus, mono or stereo)
  • 4 monitoring busses for control room and studio support
  • flexible talkback, logic and GPIO system
  • integrated routing matrix
  • internal tone generator
  • Gigabit audio network for 512 input and 512 output channels for low-latency interconnection between 52/XS cores or to other DHD products
  • internal or external 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz sync

Other features of the XS Core:

  • highly efficient external wide-range power supply, Energy Star Level V, redundancy option
  • minimal system power consumption
  • expandable modular system allows optional integration of other DHD product lines
  • serial or TCP/IP interface options to radio automation or other external control systems

For more information on the Core Types, see Module List.

The XS2 cores are the result of constant research and development of our products.

In the following table the main differences between the 52-1810 and the 52-1830 are listed.

52-1810 rear view
52-1830 rear view
number of supported faders12/161)8
number of supported I/O boxes2/32)1/23)
number of audio, power & control ports (APC)84
TCP/IP interface for external controlyesyes
serial interface for external controlyesyes
built-in Dante 4ch/4ch interfaceyesyes
16 fader (4 fader modules) are only possible if a maximum of two I/O boxes are used on the 52-1810.
Three I/O boxes are only possible if a maximum of 12 fader (3 fader modules) are used on the 52-1810.
Two I/O boxes are only possible if PC TFT View software is used instead of TFT Module.