Import Toolbox5 projects in Toolbox 8

Toolbox 5 projects can be imported to Toolbox 8.1. Hardware restrictions and configuration adaptations for old projects might be possible.

If your system is running well and no new features are required, an upgrade to Toolbox8 is not required. Only upgrade to Toolbox 8 if you carefully checked existing hardware for compatibility.

With Firmware version 8.x or higher, the hardware modules of the series RM4200D (DSP Frame and control modules), 52/XR (MADI Router), 52/MB (Stagebox) are not supported. Therefore these device are not supported in the TB8 anymore.

Mixed TB5 projects including these devices and current DSP cores can be imported. While the DSP cores (52/XC, 52/XD, 52/XS) will be imported, the RM4200D, 52/XR and 52/MB will be included only as a placeholder for their Device Number (see Device - Options).
All of their logics, signals, and console configurations will be removed from the project and other devices. Only ''Global logics'' will remain.

With firmware version 8.x or higher TFT Touch Displays with type RM420-015 and 52-4015A are not supported any more. They will not operate when they are connected to a core with firmware version 8.x or higher.

The TFT Displays 52-4015B, 52-4015C, 52-4017A, 52-4017B, 52-4018A are not affected. Their firmware will be automatically updated when connecting to a core with firmware 8.x.

TFT displays with capacitive touch (glossy displays - 52-4018A, 52-4010A, 52-1156 (52/TX), 52-4510A) will use a new graphics design (like it is shown in the Toolbox TFT design). They will additionally support touch faders & touch encoders.

TFT displays with resistive touch (matte displays - 52-4015B, 52-4015C, 52-4017A, 52-4017B) will show the graphics design used in firmware versions 6.x or 7.x (dark blue background, etc.).

For information about the update procedure of the firmware see Update from Firmware 7 to Firmware 8

The project file should be saved with Toolbox5 (version 7.4.10 at least).

To import an existing project file from Toolbox5 into Toolbox8, use Toolbox8 version 8.1.8 at least.

Do not use Toolbox8 versions 8.1.17 or 8.1.18.

To import the project file follow these steps:

  1. In Toolbox8, in the Projects menu click Open. The Open File window is shown.
    Open file window with Toolbox5 file type selection.
  2. In the lower right corner of this window, select Toolbox5 project (*.dp5).
  3. Select the *.dp5 file to import and click Open. A progress bar window will be shown and the file will be imported and checked for consistency.
  4. If a Confirmation dialogue is shown (only up to TB8 ver. 8.1.14) for updating the hardware information, click Yes. Click OK for the following information window. A Toolbox restart might be required.
    Confirmation dialogue to update hardware information file
    Information window about successful update of hardware information file.
  5. After successful importing the configuration file, in the Project menu, click Save as… to save the project file as *.dp8.
  6. Check the Message tab in the Utilities area. Go through each point and check if the configuration for each element needs to adopted. You can double-click the most of the lines to jump directly to the element. (see Utilities - Messages tab)
    Messages tab: Note the remarks after importing the project file
  7. Check all elements on the TFT views for correct position and parameters, especially signal sources and Act settings.
    TFT views - Element Configuration - Act settings
  8. Replace all Button list elements with the ''Button List 2015'' element.
  9. Replace all Timer elements with ''Label Element'' with timer function and buttons for control instead.

Check the font size on a physical TFT display, when using the display types (52-4015B, 52-4015C, 52-4017A, 52-4017B). The preview in TB8 is not WYSIWYG for these types. They will still show the graphics design used in firmware versions 6.x or 7.x (dark blue background, etc.).

We recommend to use only the first 10 colors of the colors list (see Colors). These provide the best viewing experience for this display types.