You can use the Location tab for getting a better overview about the project's locations and the assigned hardware parts.

Locations tab. Creating and assigning Locations

This makes it easier to reconstruct locations of devices in complex configurations. In this window you can assign devices to locations.

Click Add to create a new location. In the Label box, enter a distinctive name. To remove a location select it and click Remove.

To edit location assignments, select the location you want to edit. In the Edit Location area, select the unspecified unit on the right and assign it to the location with the button. To remove a device from a location, select it in the Units located here list and deassign it with the button.

Alternatively, in Hardware, Console or I/O Overview settings you can use the Mounting Location drop-down menus to assign devices directly to a location.

If you print pages with modules or parts, location assignments are also listed.