PGM Routing Rules

On the PGM Routing Rules tab, you can create rules for routing signals to program busses. For each fader channel you can select a list of bus routings which are denied.

For creating a rule and assigning it to a fader channel follow these steps:

  1. In the PGM Routing Rules area, click Add. You can see a new rule with a blank name in the PGM Routing Rules list.
  2. In the Edit PGM Routing Rule area, enter a name for this rule in the Rule Name box.
  3. Select the program bus check boxes (e.g., PGM1, PGM2, …, PGM48) to define which program buses are denied in this rule. Now, the rule is created.
  4. In the project tree, select the Fader Channels subsection of the desired virtual mixer and select the Advanced tab.
  5. Select a fader channel from the Defined Channels list.
  6. In the PGM Routing area on the Advanced tab, select a rule in the Select Rule box. This PGM routing rule is now assigned to the selected fader channel.

You can create a maximum of 20 program routing rules.

PGM Routing Rules, creating program rules.