Example TFT configuration

This page describes a sample configuration process for setting up Views App Windows software on a stand alone computer.

After buying 52-8511 Views App license, you can download the software from DHD Update pages or it will be sent to you directly.

The software will only work if the license key is entered into your core device. To find out more about licensing, see Licensing Documentation.

Unpack the .zip archive on your hard drive, e.g. C:\Programs\DHD\52-8511_07.00.XX. Create a shortcut to Views.exe on your desktop. Make sure only the administrator has write access to the directory where the config.xml and program data are located, but every user has read access.

We do not recommend to use the Views App Windows software on a network attached storage (NAS).

  1. Modify the config.xml file to setup the IP address of the core, where the TFT view/display you would like to show is located
  2. Also enter the ModuleID of the TFT that you'd like to watch with the software. The module ID is shown in the TB8 directly at the console TFT preview as “ModID xxx” (section Console)
  3. Save the config.xml and start the Views.exe

See XML definition file page for more information on configuration.

Further changes within the config.xml require a restart of the software to apply the new settings.