DHD Web Apps is a browser-based approach to run specific applications (Apps) without installation of additional software. Web Apps are hosted by the DHD device on Port 80 (Firmware version 9.1) or Port 81 (up to Firmware version 9.0).

From Firmware 9.1 the Web Apps have a new, enhanced navigation flow.

Web Apps are fully touch optimized.

Web Apps launch screen

The launch screen shows all Web Apps available. Click or tap an app icon to launch the app. If you hover with the mouse over an app symbol, the app name will be shown.

To login, click or tap the (login) button. After a successful login, the username will be shown inside the button.

The (about) button shows the current web apps version.

Switching Apps and App Modes

When you are in an active Web App, click or tap the respective app icon in the upper right corner to open the navigation overlay. Inside the navigation overlay, you can switch between different views or app actions. Click or tap the (back) button to close the app and return to launch screen.

//Labels app navigation overlay allows you to switch between editing channel labels and global labels.//

We recommend to use a proxy server between your secure and standalone DHD network (LAN) and any other network, e.g., office network (LAN) or internet (WAN). See figure below.

Using apache2 as a proxy server is documented here.

Basic network structure for using web apps (example)