Web Apps: Views App

This is the Views App documentation for Firmware / Toolbox version 9.1 and higher. For Firmware / Toolbox versions 8.2.x and 9.0.x see Views App (8.2).

Views App requires at least one 52-8511 Views App license in your core device. See Licensing for details on how to enter licenses to the device.

Views App in the Web requires a recent browser. DHD recommends using one of the recommended browsers with at least the tested version as listed in Recommended Browsers.

When the configuration is done, you can visit the Web Apps page of the DHD core.

  1. Open your web browser. See System Requirements for DHD Software for a list of recommended browsers.
  2. Enter the IP address of your core:
    http://[IP of core deivce]


    The Web Apps interface starts.

  3. Click Views app icon. If:
    1. You have only one view configured for using it in the web, the view will open directly
    2. You have more than one view configured for using it in the web, a list of available views will show up
    3. You have password protection / authentification enabled, log in first. See user authentication.

If the screen remains blank, check if you have a valid license and it's not already taken.

One open connection via web browser or Views App (Windows) requires one 52-8511 license.

A view in Views App

URL parameters are in ongoing development and may be subject to change in later versions without notice.

Open a View directly

View URLs follow always the same scheme:



You can use this URL scheme to call a view directly.

Stand-alone Mode

You can open a view without the menu frame for stand-alone solutions, e.g. an info display or door panel. Usage:


Use this call only in an empty tab or browser window.

Automatic login with user token

You can login a user directly, e.g. for stand-alone solutions using his user token. See Toolbox setup & user management.

Combining multiple arguments

You can combine multiple arguments. Use & to separate them. Example:


Views App (Web) requires a recent Browser. Please see System Requirements for DHD Software for a list of tested browsers.