Update firmware & kernel in Firmware v10 and newer

This document applies to

  • XD3 core devices
  • XC3 core devices
  • 52-7067, 52-7567 AES67 Ravenna Interfaces
  • 52-7580, 52-7585 Dante modules

Running firmware version 10 or newer.

This guide documents only the general flow on updating XC3/XD3 devices running firmware version 10 or newer. If you plan a major or minor version upgrade please refer to the version specific release and upgrade notes.

Updating firmware, animated

To update firmware, aes67 firmware or kernel in version 10, follow the steps as described here.

1. Open WebApps by accessing the device's IP address in a web browser.

2. Open System App

3. Log in by clicking the Login button in the left menu. A user account with system app administration rights is required. This could be the local admin account created during device setup or any user with System App configuration and maintenance rights as configured in Toobox .

4. Open Service page by clicking the menu entry in the left. This menu entry is only visible if the logged in user has adequate user rights. See screenshot below.

System App, Service page

5. Click Update Device. Update Device page will be shown. See screenshot below.

System App, Update page

6. In the area Drop update file here or click to select, drag and drop your update file into the box. Alternatively, select via your host OS's file selection dialog by clicking on click to select.
You can select kernel, firmware or aes67 firmware update files here. The system automatically recognizes which update has to be performed. See section DHD update file types and names below.

7. After you selected a valid update file, click the upload button. The file upload will start. An orange progress bar will indicate the upload status.

Upload in progress

8. When the orange progress bar reaches 100%, the file will be verified by the device. This step can take several seconds to a minute.

9. If the file has been verified successfully, a confirmation dialog will appear that the update is ready to be applied. Click Update to continue with the update. The update will be applied.

Update confirmation

While updating, the device and connected modules may perform several reboots. Please be patient.
Audio will be interrupted during update!

10. After a successful update, you will be redirected to the System Report page of System App. Here you can also verify the new version numbers.

If System App or system report page doesn't behave as expected and shows, for example, licensing issues or other system messages, check State 2 LED flash frequency. If it is flashing slow or yellow, the update is still in progress.

When updates for kernel and firmware have to be applied, DHD recommends to update the device firmware first.

If the update was interrupted, the following cases may appear. You can continue as described.

  • File upload interrupted: the update file will be discarded. Start again with step 1.
  • Invalid update file: the update file will be discarded. Start again with step 1.
  • File upload completed but page refreshed or connection lost before confirmation: if the uploaded file is valid, the device will store the update and display update ready for execution message at System Report page. See screenshot below. Head back to update page and open the confirmation dialog (step 9) again.
update ready for execution

DHD updates come with the following file types:

  • Firmware Updates: <filename>.fw10 (for firmware version 10)
  • Kernel Updates: <filename>.img

The following file names can be expected:

  • Firmware Updates: [Device Type / Platform]_[version number].fw10
  • Kernel Updates: [Device Type / Platform]_kernel_[version number].img

To get a better overview of the used software components per device, please refer to the following tables.

XC3 / XD3

ModuleXC3 KernelXC3 FirmwareAES67 Ravenna FirmwareDante FirmwareXD3 KernelXD3 Firmware
52-752x XC3 Cores x x x(1) - -
52-7567 XC3 AES67 RAVENNA IP x - x - -
52-758x XC3 Dante IP Audio x - - x -
52-7550 XD3 Core - - - - x x

(1) License 52-8546 AES67 Ravenna 16×16 required.