Dante™ information

DSP Cores

The following DSP Cores have a built-in 4ch/4ch Dante interface.

  • 52-7420A (52/XC2)
  • 52-7423A (52/XC2)
  • 52-7410A (52/XC2)
  • 52-1810A (52/XS2)
  • 52-1830A (52/XS2)

The Dante signal is available on the ETH port on the rear of the DSP core.

Each of these cores and the 52-7310A 52/XC2 Concentrator have an additional expansion slot. You can insert there a 52-7080 XC2 Dante IP audio interface.

I/O interfaces

  • 52-7080A - XC2 Dante IP Audio Interface
    • internal module for 52/XC2, 52/XS2 cores and 52/XC2 Concentrators
    • 64 ch in and 64 ch out
  • 52-7180A - XC Dante IP Audio Interface
    • external module with APC connector for 52/XC, 52/XD, 52/XS, 52/XC2, 52/XD2 and 52/XS2 cores
    • 48 ch in and 48 ch out

Default network settings at delivery

Screenshot of the Dante Controller Software - Device View - Network Config tab

The following table shows the factory settings for the Dante interfaces in DHD devices. You can change the parameters in Dante Controller - Device View - Network Config tab.

interface typemoduleIP Address settingSwitch Configuration
built in 4ch/4ch Dante interface52-7420A, 52-7423A, 52-7410A, 52-1810A, 52-1830AObtain an IP Address Automaticallynot available
built in 64ch/64ch Dante interface52-7080AObtain an IP Address Automaticallyredundant
48ch/48ch Dante interface52-7180AObtain an IP Address Automaticallyredundant

You can add a Dante device in TB8 via I/O Overview menu. Click Add and select your type of Dante device. If your core device is equipped with a Dante 4×4 interface, the I/Os of it are added automatically when you add your core device. It is named “<Core Name>.Dante” by default.

For more information on adding and using I/O units, see Toolbox8 Documentation - I/O Overview.

Adding Dante devices in TB8.

General recommendations:

  • Use managed switches
  • Turn off EEE (Green Ethernet)

Tested network switches

  • Cisco Small Business SG300-10
  • Cisco Small Business SG300-20

supported devices

  • 52-7080
  • 52-7180

The AES67 option for supported DHD Dante Modules is available since Dante software version
Updates for DHD's Dante modules are directly provided by DHD.

The 4ch/4ch Dante interface in 52/XC2 and 52/XS2 cores does not support AES67.

Dante uses the Precision_Time_Protocol (PTP) in version 1 (IEEE 1588-2002).

Dante supports PTP version 2 (IEEE 1588-2008), when the AES67 mode is enabled.

If you enable the AES67 support on a Dante device, it enables both IEEE PTP v1 and v2. A single clock domain exists across both PTP v1 and v2 devices:

  • Standard Dante devices supporting PTP v1 only.
  • AES67-enabled Dante devices supporting PTP v1 and PTP v2.
  • 3rd-party AES67 devices supporting only PTP v2.

One AES67-enabled Dante device will act as a boundary clock between PTP v1 and v2, bridging the two clock domains. Additional clocking status information is available in Dante Controller for PTP v2 clocking.