Bandwith usage of Control Links

Function and configuration of Control Links is not part of this article and is described in the following sections:
Toolbox 8 - Control Link
Toolbox 9 - Control Link

Bandwidth usage of a single Control Link depends on the configuration and the current content of the replicated module. In order to define a understandable terminology, this article uses the labels from the following Control Link schematic.

Control Link functional principle (schematic)

The following table lists the average results of a set of bandwidth measurements that were made on several setups/ Control Links under firmware version 9.1:

Module(s) in Control LinkConfigurationBandwidth
Main Studio Console → Remote Console
Remote Console → Main Studio Console
1 x 52-5614 SX2standard, noise on all PPMs, 4 x FaderPPM + 1 PPM161 kBit/s5,5 kBit/s
1 x 52-5620 SX2standard, noise on all PPMs, 6 x FaderPPM + 1 PPM192 kBit/s8,0 kBit/s
1 x 52-5614 SX2 +
1 x 52-5620 SX2
standard, noise on all PPMs,
10 x FaderPPM + 2 x PPM
360 kBit/s17 kBits/s
1 x 52-401264 x PPM with noise1600 kBit/s1,5 kBit/s
1 x 52-40608 x Fader 52-4231 with noise37 kBit/s8,0 kBits/s

The table shows that most of the traffic appears in the direction Main Studio Console → Remote Console. In the opposite direction the traffic is way below and normally is set between 2 kBit/s and 20 kBit/s. That highly depends on the amount of faders / encoders / buttons and the number of changes (e.g. moving 8 faders at the same time) at the module and at the same time.

While connecting (enabling a Control Link) or updating (e.g. changing a view) bursts are also possible.