General Settings

The Ethernet port of a DHD device complies to the standard 100Base-TX IEEE 802.3u (52/XC, 52/XD, 52/XS) and 1000BASE-T (52/XC2, 52/XD2, 52/XS2).

Never try to connect a DHD device to a network running on 10 Mbit/s!
Even if it looks like this might work, in fact it will not!

If you connect other network equipment to a DHD device, please ensure it is able to handle these specifications. However, if you experience connection problems, make sure the requirements are met. This is particularly important if you connect a PC directly to a DHD device using a crossover Ethernet cable. If you do this, make sure you have set the properties of the network adapter to the right values. Use “Auto-Detect” option, that are provided by the most network adapters.

You can operate several DHD devices as well as one or several server PCs within the same network segment.

However, you should always use Switches for networking. Never use hubs! Switches provide much better data throughput, because they eliminate collisions between network packets.

We recommend using switches that automatically adjust their port speed to the speed of the node connected to a particular port. Also, make sure all devices on a shared network can exchange data on the ports and protocols described in the next section.