Guidelines for Working with a DHD Network

If you need to access DHD systems in their separate, physically or logically isolated network (i.e. the DHD network has no connection to an office network), you need to run DHD configuration and application software on one or several PCs connected to the DHD network. Depending on organizations policies and IT infrastructure, sometimes this will not work straightforward.

For this case, here are some further helpful strategies:

  1. Use a dedicated PC to access the DHD systems. Put this PC on the separate DHD network only. If you need to transfer data to and from this PC, use an USB memory stick or a CD-ROM.
  2. Have a dedicated PC within the separate DHD network. Equip this PC with a second network card or use a Router, Firewall or VPN solution to access the separate network from the outside. Remote control the service PC by means of well-known remote control software of other manufacturers (VNC, TeamViewer etc.).
  3. Place no PC inside the separate network. Instead, use a laptop and plug it into the network when necessary. Make absolutely sure nobody else has physical access to the separate network via the service port.