Console Illumination | TB5 v7.4

Function only available in TB5 v7.4.

You can set the default brightnes of the hardware buttons, OLED Displays or TFTs by changing the Default Illumination Level. Choose one of three default illumination levels:

  • Maximum Brightness
  • Standard
  • Dimmed

Preset value is Standard.

Using the Maximum Brightness value accelerates the wear and tear of OLED displays.

Auto Dim Function - example settings

Auto Dim Function allows to use automatic dimming of the console. Select the Enable dimming check box to configure the corresponding parameters.

Dim after XX min of inactivity sets the time, when the initial dimming step will be done, if there is no activity at the console.

Lower Dimm level after each XX min of inactivity lets you set the time until the next dim levels will be set.

Lowest Illumination Level lets you set the lowest automatic dimm level.

When the Auto Dim Function is used in combination with the Lowest Illumination Level: Off at least one Brightness Key with value 1-3 is required as push button on the console surface.

All RM4200D, 52/SX and 52/DX do not support illumination levels. In those cases the Auto Dim Function or Brightness control keys should not be used.