Input Pools

On the Input Pools tab, you can create and label Input Pools. Input Pools are used to be able to use several sources on faders. For the signal switching, you should use the functions Input Select and ACCESS Input Select.

Under <Mixer>/Fader Channels you can assign the sources to the input pools. (See also Fader Channels – Configuring Signal Sources)

In the Input Pools area, all created input pools are shown. As a default, a pool named Pool 1 is already available. To create a new input pool, click add. You can create up to 15 input pools. To delete an input pool, select an input pool from the list and click Remove.

In the Edit Pool area, in the Label box, you can enter a name for the selected input pool. The name may be up to 7 characters long. It is shown in the display of the control modules if Input Select or ACCESS Input Select is enabled in a fader strip.

To be as flexible as possible when assigning to the fader during operation, you should configure only one input pool.