TFT Views

In the project tree, in the subsection <Device>\TFT Views, you can create different views that are shown on the TFT displays. We differentiate between displays that are assigned to channels and displays reserved for controlling and monitoring tasks. The displays hardware is identical, so they just differ in their configuration. They are called fader views and master views in Toolbox5. (See also Fader Views and Master Views)

52-4304, 52-4306 or 52-4414 TFT control modules are needed to be able to use the encoder elements of TFT displays. Vice versa it is not useful to operate these TFT control modules without a TFT display even though it is possible. If you add a 52-4304 or 52-4306 TFT control module to the console in the Toolbox5, a TFT display will be added automatically. This TFT can be removed afterwards.