Global Label

Global Labels are text strings that can be used in the whole project. All devices that use a certain global label show the same text.

Global Labels can be used in:

  • channel labels
  • selector lists
  • TFT elements
    • Transparents
    • user defined buttons
  • Ember+

To insert a Global Label in a Label box use braces with the Global Label number, for example {1} for Global Label number 1 in complete length.

Global Labels can be limited to a certain number of characters. Just add the number of characters, separated by a colon : to the Global Label number - for example {1:16} will show only the first 16 characters of Global Label number 1.

Global Labels can be set by:

  • TFT Keyboard (Show keyboard options)
  • Selector (Assign to Global Label option, see Selectors)
  • Ember+
  • Routing Software

Each Global Label is defined with Default Text, Description and a Master Device.

The Label Infos column shows you, which device and which elements set / modify the Global Label.

Global Labels, Editing Global label options