Level Adjust

Level Adjust allows you to adjust global level scaling and metering.

Device settings, Level Adjust page

Default settings are:

Level typeValue
Digital Level0dBint=-9dBFS
Analog Level6dBu=0dBint
EBU R 128 Level (Loudness)0dBint=-9dBFS

All levels are converted to dBint, which is a DHD internal leveling. You can change here how the dBint value is defined for DHD devices to match your standards. dBint is always digital level.

When adjusting levels here, settings are global. You can also adjust levels on the I/O Overview Page for special inputs and on specific channel or level detect settings.

For Digital Levels

On EBU and ARD standards: 0 dBint = -9 dBFS

Because digital systems only have an absolute 0, Maximum setting is 0 dBint = 0 dBFS. Therefore, 0 dBFS is the maximum level for digital systems.

For Analog Levels

dBu is for analog scaling. Related to voltage, this means:


U0 = 0.7749 V ≡ 0 dBu

The reference Level defined in broadcasting standards of German ARD is: U0 = 1.5 V ≡ 0dB ≡ 6 dBu


U0 = 1V ≡ 0 dBV

(dBV is always related to 1V. Sometimes it is also called only dB or dBu)

If it is relevant to you, you may calculate with: 0 dBV ≈ 2.2 dBu

General addition

U0 - Reference Voltage;
Calculation of levels related to Voltage:

p_u = 20lg{U}/{U_0}

According to this, A/D conversion is default set according to standards of ARD: +6 dBu = -9 dBFS = 0 dBint

Input Metering Settings

Input Metering settings change the ballistics of all level meters, e.g., overbridge modules or fader strips