Potentiometer Control

The potentiometer control function allows you to trigger fades via logic. This can be useful for e.g., automated regional studios which are alone at night. If a newsflash or traffic has to be announced, the music channel can automatically be faded down or off and the codec from the remote studio can be turned on. After the newsflash or traffic, the codec can be turned off and music on again.

To add a potentiometer control, click Add. A new element named (PC <X>) will be shown.

In the Edit Control Definition area, some settings have to be done:

  • Label: Enter a distinctive name for potentiometer control.
  • Potentiometer: Click Select to select the potentiometer or fader to be controlled.

Control 1 & 2 Sections | TB8 v8.2.4

2nd control condition requires minimum Toolbox8 version 8.2.4 and minimum Firmware8 version v8.2.9

Toolbox8 versions up to 8.2.3 and Firmware versions up to v8.2.8 only support one control parameter set. Documentation of parameters below applies.

  • Start Condition: Click Select to select the condition which has to become true to trigger the potentiometer control. This can be e.g. a Logic or GPI available on the Logic Tree.
  • Blend Mode: Choose Fader Linear for a linear fade. Choose dB Linear for an exponential fade. That means, the fade is linear on an exponential dB scale.
  • Blend Time: Select how long the fade takes from beginning (triggering) to the end. Values between 0.1s and 10.0s are possible.
  • Target Level: Select to which level the fade fades. This also decides if the fade is ascending or decending, depending on level before the fade. Values between Off (-∞) and 10dB are possible.
Potentiometer Control settings page