In TB8, you can configure up to 4 independent mixers within one DSP core 1). To do this, select the corresponding device in the project tree and select the Virtual Mixers tab.

Virtual Mixers tab

In the Mixers area, you can see a list with all your available virtual mixers in this device. In a new project, there is a default device named Mixer. Click Add to add another virtual mixer to this list. A maximum of four Virtual Mixers can be configured in one device.

Click Remove to delete a selected virtual mixer from the list. The sequence of list entries and the serial numbers can not be changed.

In the Mixer Name box, you can change the Label of the selected mixer.

In the Talkback Member drop-down menu, you can assign the selected mixer to a talkback member of the talkback matrix. You should create these talkback members previously in the Talkback Member Matrix, otherwise there is no talkback member available. (See also Talkback System)

To enable the Talkback Member drop-down menu, the Core Control Networking licence has to be assigned to the DSP core and the corresponding Use 52-8583 XC/XS Core Control Networking check box has to be selected on the Options tab (see also Device Properties - Options).

If you remove all Virtual Mixers from the list, the device consists only of a DSP core unit and its input and output modules and has no longer a console. This way, you can use this device as a router.

4 virtual mixers: requires 52/XD, 52/XD2, 52-7400, 52-7420, 52-7423/52-7410 with Gold upgrade; 2 virtual mixers: 52-7423/52-7410 with Silver upgrade