Version 9.1 release notes and upgrade instructions

Toolbox9 version 9.1 and firmware version 9.1 introduce a variety of new features and improvements.

To find out if your hardware can be used with version 9.1, see
Firmware Overview (Discontinued Products).

If an upgrade of your hardware is required, please contact your local DHD distributor - see List of DHD distributors.


  • UTF8-Support:
    • International font selection / option
    • Emojis on all new TFT displays
  • Enhanced Login mechanism with Username / Password scheme
    • WebApps 2.0 use Username / Password scheme only
    • Console supports Username / Password scheme and PIN scheme (PIN scheme is deprecated and will be removed in a future version)
  • Core Control Networking can now be configured to communicate via multicast instead of udp broadcasts


  • UTF8-Support
  • Improved TFT Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard
  • Extended label lenght on several TFT Elements (e.g. Buttons, Transparents)
  • Redesigned Clock Element: Choose between several layouts, configure seperate colors for text and active / inactive Dots, hide option for several text elements
  • New Fader Encoder Menu: DGain / AGain / Pan\Bal


  • Hot Configuration: If the audio system is not touched in Toolbox 9.1 configuration, no audio dropout appears when sending an updated configuration to the device.
  • Hardware Selectors: The signal of Selectors can now directly be used in all audio sinks (e.g. also in Fader Channel input, Level Detect). No (Super) Output functions required for conversion
  • Additional PGM and AUX Bus signaltypes: Standard, Voice, Music busses can now be configured to 'ignore Off Air'
  • Additional AUX Bus option:Pre Fader Aux: Don't follow Channel On/Off: If activated, the Pre Fader signal will still be on this Aux bus, even if the Fader Channel is switched off

Toolbox & Firmware

From version 9.1 the DHDCS v3.0 replaces Toolbox's Maintenance Window and includes all required tools for system maintenace and firmware updates.

  • UTF8-Support
  • Show Keyboard > Login: Key can automatically act as 'logout' key when user is logged in at the console
  • New Keyfunction: Logout - when pressed the current console user will be instantly logged out
  • 10 container-related Flexible Keys

This is not possible.
Update of project and firmware to version 9.0.x is required in advance.
Please follow the Version 9.0 release notes and upgrade instructions before upgrading to version 9.1.x.

For a seamless transition, we recommend planning with enough spare time to convert your Toolbox project.

First of all, you need to have your Toolbox9 working at the latest Toolbox9 v9.0.x. If this condition is fulfilled, open your .dp9 project file with Toolbox9 v9.1.x.

We strongly recommend to keep a copy of the original v9.0 (.dp9) project file.

You may receive some WARNING messages in the Messages Section. Those messages inform you if your Toolbox project is using no longer supported hardware, if other problems occurred or if adjustments were done during conversion of the project. A double click on the message leads you to the hardware module or part of the configuration that is subject of the message.

With the introduction of Hardware Selectors a maximum of two Selectors can be directly cascaded after another. If the direct cascade of Selectors is or should be longer, some of the involved Selectors need to be “buffered” via Output Functions, Super Output Functions or Fixed Processings in order to meet the mentioned maximum. Otherwise this specific audio path will be muted.

With version 9.1 the internal structure of the snapshot system changed and the snapshot file versions increased.
Snapshots created with version 9.1 will not be downward compatible to version 9.0 or older.

We recommend to save a System Status via the DHD Maintenance Window prior the update, in order to have a backup of the current Mixer and Channel Snapshots.

The complete update procedure is described here.