Version 8.2 release notes and upgrade instructions

Toolbox8 version 8.2 and firmware version 8.2 introduce a variety of new features and improvements.

To find out if your hardware can be used with version 8.2, see Firmware Overview (Discontinued).

If an upgrade of your hardware is required, please contact your local DHD distributor - see List of DHD distributors.

New features include:

Toolbox8 v8.2.1:

  • Enhanced motor fader controls for faster and smoother movement (52-4060 and 52-4061 Controllers only). Requires Firmware Version 8.2.2.
  • MADI SFP modules are now supported on GA/SFP port 2 of 52/XC2 Concentrators (For upgrade instructions see Change Concentrator Type)
  • Unlock conditions (Documentation)
  • Control software potentiometers with TFT fader elements (Documentation)

Toolbox8 v8.2.2:

Toolbox8 v8.2.4

  • Increased limitation from 20 to 30 potentiometer controls and added 2nd blend condition and time. (Documentation)
  • Increased talkback matrix to 64×64 channels

For a seamless transition, we recommend planning with enough spare time to convert your Toolbox8 project.

First of all, you need to have your Toolbox8 working at the latest Toolbox8 v8.1. If this condition is fulfilled, open your .dp8 project file with Toolbox8 v8.2.

We strongly recommend to keep a copy of the original v8.1 (.dp8) project file.

You may receive some WARNING messages in the Messages Section. Those messages inform you if your Toolbox8 project is using no longer supported hardware. According to the messages here, refer to the steps below to upgrade your configuration. A double click on the message leads you to the hardware module that is subject of the message.

Change Core Type

If you've been using Series 52 first generation core devices (52/XC/XD/XS), you need to upgrade to a current core device for using firmware version 8.2.
To find out if your core device is supported in this version, see Firmware Overview (Discontinued).

If you have a Series 52 first generation core device (52/XC/XD/XS) and need to change the core type into 52/XC2/XD2/XS2 in you configuration:

  1. Go to <device>/Hardware page
  2. Select the old core device in the Hardware Units list on the left
  3. Use the Change Type dropdown menu in the Unit Options area to change the type of the core device

Change Concentrator Type

Since 52-7300 and 52-7301 XC concentrators are no longer supported within firmware version 8.2, a change type functionality for discontinued concentrators was implemented. That way you don't have to delete your old concentrator from your Tollbox8 configuration and add a new one.

If you have a new Series 52 concentrator and need to change the type in you configuration:

  1. Go to <device>/Hardware page
  2. Select the old concentrator in the Hardware Units list on the left
  3. A Change Type dropdown appears in the Unit Options section
  4. Select the type of your new concentrator in the dropdown menu. Existing APC, GA and power port assignments will be kept if possible. If a 52-1821 XC/XS Core MADI module was configured it will become disconnected. This module needs to be converted and reconnected in a separate step. See section Change MADI Sub Module Type.
  5. The Change type dropdown menu will disappear when the type change to the new concentrator was successful.
  6. For clarity and documentation, consider changing the Module Name, if it refers to the concentrator type

A Toolbox8 v8.2 configuration can not be sent to the device if discontinued concentrators are used, that don't match the firmware requirements.

Change MADI Sub Module Type

If you previously used a 52-1821 MADI Sub Module in your core or concentrator, you can use a 52-7321 or 52-7325 MADI SFP module as a replacement. Concentrators now support a MADI sub module on port SFP/GA 2.

To change the type of your 52-1821 MADI Sub Module, follow these steps:

  1. In Toolbox8 v8.2 go to <device> / I/O Overview
  2. In the Select element area, right-click the 52-1821 MADI Sub Module
  3. In the dropdown menu, go to Change Type and select your designated new MADI SFP module (see screenshot below)
  4. Go to <device> / hardware page and attach your new MADI SFP Module to the designated SFP Port in the Unit Ports area.
Change of type of a 52-1821 MADI Sub Module at the <device> / I/O Overwiew page

For instructions on how to configure Web Apps: Views, please see Views App (Web) - Quick Start.