The AES67 RAVENNA Interface supports up to multicast 32 GPIs and multicast 32 GPOs. To see the GPIO state and set matching GPIO channel, go to the GPIO page.

GPIOs must be enabled via Toolbox first. See Configuration via Toolbox / GPIO section.

Minimum Firmware version on series 52 core device for GPIOs is 8.1.35.

GPIOs require valid license: 52-8542 GPIO Extension for 52-7067.

The GPIO page displays two tables, one for GPIs and one for GPOs.

AES67 GPIO page with some GPIs and GPOs configured

Each table shows the GPI / GPO state in the # column. If the GPI / GPO is green, the state is 1 or ON. The value in the Name column is set as Label via Toolbox within the matching GPI / GPO. You can assign a channel number to each GPO. The channel number can be edited by clicking the (edit) button.

Edit GPI channel window

Channel Number value has to follow this syntax: <channel number (1-32767)>.<id (1-5)>.

GPIO functionality is only for communication with commonly used 3rd party playout systems and not for use within DHD devices. Use Core Control Networking instead.