Logging Menu

Suppress Memo Logging (F5)

It is possible that some times a lot of messages are shown in the logging area within a short time. The amount of incoming messages depends on the number and the type of the logged messages. You can stop the write out with the command Suppress Memo Logging, if the content of the logging area gets overwritten to fast. Select the command again to continue the write out. Afterwards the protocol tells you how much messages have been skipped during the write out was stopped.

If in the Server Preferences is defined that the messages are logged into a file too, this will also be done, when you have stopped the write out on the screen.

Clear Memo (F8)

Use this command to clear the logging area. The logged messages in the log file are not effected by this command.

Show Log File (F4)

This command opens the log file in the standard editor of your PC.

Clear Log File

You can delete the content of the current log file by execute Clear Log File. This process needs to be confirmed by the user.