Troubleshooting & FAQ

Before contacting your DHD distributor, you can do some first steps yourself to eliminate possible errors. For troubleshooting, we recommend having the system off air to prevent possible audio dropouts.

  1. Check and save DHDCS log and save a system status for possible backup and support purposes before you proceed.
  2. Check the System page: use a browser and connect to the device's IP address or use DHDCS.
  3. Check Core LEDs: Status2 LED should be flashing fast, at least one Power LED should be illuminated. Sync 1 or Sync 2 should be green. If you're experiencing audio dropouts or other issues, check for possible audio sync / clocking problems. See Meaning of LEDs.
  4. Check Cabling: did you wire all modules to the correct APC ports? Check your Toolbox configuration on the hardware page.
  5. Check Network: can you still reach the core in your network via its IP-Address? Check if the left LED on the ETH port of the device flashes.
  6. Perform the following steps in the described order. Performing one or all of these steps will cause audio drop-outs. Stop if one of these fixed your problem:
    1. Perform a Firmware Reset and see if it solves the problem.
    2. Perform a System Reboot and see if it solves the problem.
    3. Use e.g., a pen or paperclip to press the Reset button on the front of your device or concentrator. This will also reset all the modules connected via APC.
    4. Power cycle the device by removing all power cords and wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging them back in.

If these steps didn't help you, contact your local DHD distributor for support. Don't forget to provide serial numbers, system state, Toolbox configuration and logfiles you saved earlier.

If your particular question is not answered below, please also refer to our other documentations and support resources.

My TFT display remains grey and only shows a version number?

This could happen due to a cabling mistake: is the module connected to the correct APC-port as configured in Toolbox? Also, check if the firmware is running in general and if Status 2 is blinking fast.

My temporary/evaluation license does not work?

Temporary licenses only work with a valid NTP time server configured and connected in order to assure the license is valid. See NTP time servers. Also check if the license is still valid or if trial period is over.

Do you offer any base configurations to start with?

For SX2 (since Toolbox version 9.0), right click in Toolbox's project tree and click Add SX2. This will open the configuration assistant. Once finished, right click on the newly created device in the project tree and click Extended Feature Mode (License 52-1950 required). Within Toolbox8 software, you can add 52/SX consoles.

Since Toolbox version 9.1 you can add RX2 and TX configurations the same way. No 52-1950 license required.

Do I need to update my firmware regularly?

No! DHD recommends to only update your firmware if you experience problems with your current firmware version or you require new features only included within new firmware versions. Before updating, always consult your local DHD distributor or DHD support first. Also, make sure all your hardware modules are compatible with the new firmware versions. See Firmware Update XC2/XD2/XS2, XD/XD/XS.

Which network setup do you recommend to access Web Apps?

To get an overview, please refer to Web Apps: Recommended Network Structure.