DHD Operation Manager

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The DHD Operation Manager (DHDOM) includes several software applications and functions that can be activated by license codes. The DHDOM can be considered as a platform for different software.

Basic Functions

Program Menus

DSP Control

With the DSP Control Software (52-8565, 52-8566) you can monitor and set the parameters for each Fader Channel and Fixed Processing of your system.

Before the DSP Control software can be used, you have to assign which users are allowed to use the application dependent on the workstation they log in. These settings need to be defined in the DHDOM Feature Manager. See User Management.

See also Snapshot Transfer Conditions for details on sending snapshots to devices.

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Snapshot Manager

With the Snapshot Manager (52-8562) you can transfer mixer and channel snapshots from DHD devices to your PC and vice versa.

General Settings
Snapshot Transfer Conditions
Mixer Snapshots
Channel Snapshots

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Routing, Scheduling and Monitoring

With the Routing (52-8551, 52-8552), Scheduling (52-8550) and Monitoring (52-8555) software you can configure routing matrices, schedule routings, and monitor sources.

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Remote Control Software

Remote Control software can be used up to Firmware 8.2.x.
For device with firmware 9.0 or higher use Views App.

With the Remote Control software (52-8563, 52-8564) you can remotely control and display functions and logics of your console.

Creating Remote Control Views
Using Remote Control Views
Example Remote Control Views

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With the SNMP license (52-8591) you can provide SNMP commands of a single DHD device via an external PC.

SNMP Overview & Setup